Closure solutions for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.
Closure systems made in Brazil for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages:



America Tampas brought to Brazil the closure design P5580, a product in the concept "1 piece". Created by the specialists of GCS, this closure that is leader in the carbonated beverages market and is largely used in many parts of the world, is now produced in Brazil by America Tampas.

The P5580 closure is manufactured from a specific formulation of the polyethylene resin (HDPE), it has lower gramature and It does not have a liner as a sealing barrier, reason for which is known as "1 piece". The sealing barrier is made thru three separated sealing points, thus assuring excellent CO2 retention property. P5580 was designed for the 1881 finish and it can be used for both carbonated beverage and non-carbonated beverage markets. Inner laser printing makes inside decorations possible, including the use of promotional pincodes.

Since it is a truly "light" closure and because it is produced by only one item in its composition (HDPE), the closure P5580 is synonym of sustainability in the beverage market.



The patented PolyGuard (PG) brand is produced internationally by America Tampas and is considered by the world beverage industry as the best technical solution available, able to assure perfect sealing and tamper evidence properties.

This solution known in Brazil as PG283 is compatible to different bottle finishes and adequate to the varieties of PET packages, such as BPF, PCO 1810 and 1816, besides glass bottle finishes like MCA 1, MCA 2 and MCA 3.

PG 283 is made of a specific PP that allows great mechanical resistance and reduced opening torque in the closure.

The closure has a floating liner made of non-toxic EVA that assures the perfect closure among the lid and the bottle neck. These characteristics allow PG283 to be especially adequate to the carbonated soft drinks market, mineral water, juices and teas.

Advantages and benefits of PG283:
Inviolability: Safety
Ease of Application: Filling productivity / closure processes
Reduced opening torque: Easy opening
Sealability: ‘Shelf-Life’
Inner and Outer printing processes: Marketing tool

Besides the carbonated beverages solution (PG283) America Tampas also offers the model PG183LL, designed to the non-carbonated beverages market, such as mineral water, juices and alcoholic beverages. PG 183LL presents an efficient sealing system specially designed to this market, which does not require the EVA liner, thus reducing costs.

Compact Guard


The CompactGuard (CG) cap was specially designed for the new “shorter” finish, present in the beverage market.
It meets the requirements of the new 1881 finish with the same quality and technology of the PolyGuard cap. It is also tamper evident and has a floating liner.

America Tampas also develops specialized closure systems for the beverages industries, where they can be straighter or larger necks, with our without liners depending if it is a carbonated drink or not. Due to the partnership developed with GCS, America Tampas is the sole provider in South America of the latested technologies
coming from na unique source.



Sportguard is the latest development in sports drink, targeting products such as water, isotonics and others. It is an alternative to the push-pull cap and it fits different finish options. It meets the highest quality standards in the market, offering the following benefits: double anti-violation lock for total integrity of the product and package; flip top lid, specifically designed for an easy open and closure system; cap that opens easily to 180º degrees and the special sealing system for hotfill process, where it is unnecessary the use of the aluminum seal.

Together with Coca-Cola we developed the closure system for Powerade, granting us many awards in the packaging industry. This cap has a valve system that allows “flow-control”. It has been named as Power Cap and this closure is a reference to innovation, sophistication and differentiation.

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