Top performance, quality, and safe packages are key for the food market customers.

Our know-how and global presence allow us to offer solutions in a dynamic and demanding market. The closure systems offered by America Tampas can be used for cold and hot fill processes, can be one piece or multiple pieces made with different raw materials, always offering options in neck size, dispensing systems (flip-top) and orifice sizes.



A brand that is already reference in the edible oil, vinegar and sauces markets, Osiris is a closure system made in 2 pieces, offering simplicity and lightness as its main qualities. The cap can guarantee sealability and tightness, presenting a anti-sabotage band that opens from both sides.

The Osiris “overcap” is flip-top, presenting the folding “butterfly” concept, which stands in a 180°, a benefit in the GCS technology. The pourer has different models to attend each specific market.

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