Our company maintains a successful relationship with GCS – Global Closure Systems – one of the largest Closure Systems company in the world. We offer our customers full access to the GCS portfolio, of current developments and future projects. All of GCS products solutions are exclusively offered by America Tampas in Brazil and South America.

The company GCS was originated from the prior Plastic Closure systems division of Crown Cork & Seal. Operations begun in 2005 as one of the largest plastic closure systems company in the world and it embraces globally known brands, such as - Astra Plastique, Bender, Massmould, Obrist, UCP e Zeller Plastik -. Together these companies produce over 30 billion closures annually and are present in more than 100 countries.

Known worldwide by its advanced technology, GCS has developed over 850 products in the food, beverage, hygiene, beauty, housesold and pharmaceutical markets.

The partnership of America Tampas and GCS allows the strategic commercialization of all products in many
countries, ensuring America Tampas customers the best solutions in the most reasonable lead time.

America Tampas