Sustainability is the key to the success of our complete value chain, thus we strongly believe we must act to have a better world.

Together with our partner GCS, our company is constantly looking for means to reduce the use of non-renewable sources in our developments. This is not a recent approach, we have always believed in:

• Product Light weighting (weight reduction)
• State of the Art Designs
• Improving energy consumption in the equipments
• Maximizing Transportation efficiencies
• Minimizing secondary packaging
• Waste Reduction Programs

We are fully committed in reaching sustainability by creating and producing packages that are practical and userfriendly, meeting all compliances and standards expected.

A sustainable package is a smart package. Our compromise at America Tampas and GCS is to work with
our customers, suppliers and communities to find the intricate balance of social, economic and
environmental needs.

America Tampas